Dating Tips

Here are some dating tips for you to consider.

How Many Free Dating Websites Should You Join?

The answer is as many as you can keep track of, after all, they are FREE!

Think of it this way. You are here because you are trying to meet someone special. Unlike any other time in history, you can now be in more than one place at once. The more dating sites that you join, the more exposure you will give yourself and the more likely you are to find someone special.
Create an Interesting Profile!

The first thing that you need to do is create an interesting profile. A natural photo of you with some friends is a good place to start. Showing yourself in your natural environment also shows what kind of people you are comfortable socializing with.

Guys: Try and keep your shirt on… This is LotsOfish, so beaches and swimming pool photos are rather clever. Many men have used photos of scuba trips or fishing trips as well. On the other hand photos of you in front of the computer with your shirt off in a dimly lit room give the appearance of creepy cybersex desperation. If you must post a photo of yourself with your shirt off, try to make it an outdoor scene and you will have much better luck with the amount of responses that you will get.

Ladies: You would probably get lots of responses if you used a profile photo with your shirts off. This is frowned upon here however as there are very specific laws as to what you can actually have in a profile photo. What you can do is use a current photograph. Be comfortable with who you are and post a recent photo. If you do find that someone special you want them to already have accepted you for who you really are when it comes to looks.

Everyone: Just be yourself! You would be surprised at just how many responses you will get just by letting yourself be who you are. Personality is the single most attractive feature that any of us have to offer.\r\n

GOOD LUCK, and welcome to ...